Not that you asked and not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but I figured I'd post about it anyway.

My love of sugar. It is my downfall. Yep. I've said it a hundred times. I've sworn it off, only to plan for cheats on the weekends with cupcakes. Or dark chocolate. Or gluten free, dairy free cupcakes (which are actually mind-blowingly good), or cookies. I would justify them and spend an insane and unhealthy amount of time planning and thinking about them. 

However. I read this last week and it just hit home for me. I haven't had sugar since. I truly believe that this girl is addicted, and cold turkey is the only way to go. I also read this today and it reiterates the whole thing. Tortilla chips are delicious, but they don't elicit the same drug addict like behavior from me. 

I'm also weaning myself off coffee, both for fertility concerns and for not having a monkey on my back. Cue George Michael song here. 


  1. Parker10:13 AM

    I hear you -- I feel the same way about starchy carbs. They ARE a drug. And so is caffeine, which I actually have managed to give up. It was very, very difficult for several weeks but worth it. You will LOVE not feeling beholden to it. And I know it's technically not harmful, but I just think it doesn't do your body any favors, you know?

  2. Word!! Yay you for giving up caffeine! I will be glad when I'm done with it. I had 1/4 decaf this morning and am going to gradually start reducing it so I don't get horrible headaches.

  3. Parker11:04 AM

    That's a good plan. I still have decaf coffee some mornings, because a hot drink does get me going -- along with the routine of it. I know there's still a trace of caffeine, but no more soda or any of that stuff. Once the fog clears, you will NOT miss it!!

  4. give up sugar?! the horror! I don't think I'm ready to admit I have a problem! but good for you!

  5. Thanks CC! I'm feeling so much better without it!


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