She's Baaaaack!!

I'm back. I bought new shoes Saturday morning, then hit the Oakland Hills for a walk Sunday. It was awesome. I restarted the New Rules of Lifting for Abs yesterday and MAN I am sore. I didn't over do it, but I did the program's exercises, and welp, it's hard. This super buff woman watching me yesterday said, MAN THAT LOOKS HARD. I was like you're a smart lady! 

I went on the elliptical trainer today. This is newsworthy because after those disastrous few months where I was doing an hour of cardio every single day and NOT LOSING WEIGHT (that was fun times!), I've had an aversion to the elliptical. BUT. I armed myself with my Naughty by Nature station on Pandora, and it did not disappoint. Biz Markie's Just a Friend came on. It was happy times. I also picked the elliptical with the TV so I could watch annoying but entertaining Guy Fieri make onion rings and some blondie brownie which was really what we used to call a magic bar at the coffee shop I used to work. I did a whole 20 minutes of intervals, then stretched pretty well. Then came reward time: the hot tub. You know that and the steam room are magical to me; it's one awesome thing about not being pregnant, I can enjoy as much as I want. So I soaked and stretched. It was great. 

I'm happy to be back. My plan is NROL4A 3x a week, hill walk in Oakland on the weekends and 1 cardio workout at the gym per week. I'll eventually lengthen the time and intensity, but yo, I gotta start small. And maybe add Saturday to the mix. Baby steps. 


  1. All I wanted to do when I was pregnant was sit in saunas and hot tubs. I just kept telling myself that I would after the baby was nope, still have to wait until everything is back to normal and I heal from the c-section. Boo! Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I am! I have a gift certificate for Kabuki I need to use before I get preggers. That place is amazing. :)


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