Round and Round We Go!

Where she stops, nobody knows.

If you've read this blog for a while, you probably have noticed that my fitness goals/plans consistently go something like this.
  1. Dramatic proclamation about NEW! PLAN! and here we go! 
  2. Create insane calendar where I schedule 6 workouts a week for an entire month (that's four days off the whole month)
  3. Have unrelenting anxiety over Step 2, then berate myself for not being up to this "challenge."
  4. Force myself to do Day 1 of the workout. True to my ego-maniacal nature, cannot choose lighter weights or take it easy. That's for sissies.
  5. Wake up the next morning in excruciating pain (down to my scalp) because I've overdone it. Skip workout 2. 
  6. Wake up the morning after that in even more pain, since the soreness always gets worse on the second day. Skip workout 3. 
  7. Feel fat. Defeated. Hopeless. Skip workout 4. 
  8. Stop working out.
Lather, rinse and repeat. It has not been fun, and lately, the worst part is the anxiety. I can forgive myself for overdoing it, but then the unrelenting anxiety with having to back away from my what was already insane and wayyyyy too ambitious plan for the most in shape person, not a person who is genuinely grappling with some life issues and stress and working mom and blah blah blah AND trying to get in shape. Never mind that.

The brutal truth is I think I'm too out of shape to start with the New Rules of Lifting for Abs. I wish that wasn't the case, and it pains me to say. Well, it pains my ego. Sure, it says you can be a beginner and do it, but I'm just not sure that's the case. Well, it's definitely not the case for this beginner. I don't know what to tell you: I'm 5'3" and weigh 140. I'm out of shape. This is my reality.

So. I'm going to start smaller and take a step back. This book, which I really like, has a basic routine that I found do-able and challenging. I did it last fall, then got bored with it. Which is perfect for what I need right now. It's basic: here's a sample A workout. 15 reps, 3 sets of each. It has a four-minute warmup, which means I can get in and out of the gym under an hour. (I'm sharing in case you want to borrow! :) )

Dumbell Shoulder Press
Wide-grip lat pulldown
Barbell Split Squat
Swiss-ball Crunch

And here's the B workout:

Push ups
Seated Row
Prone JacKnife

I'm hoping to start doing that (when I'm feeling better, Mom, don't freak out!), then progress to the Abs book when I'm feeling stronger and less wobbly. About that: you've probably assessed that I'm going through some heavy emotional stuff. Yep. I can confirm. I'm trying to throw everything I can to try to feel better. I'm fine, don't worry. Pete's fine, we're fine, Lucia's fine, but just some old stuff is bubbling up and causing me some stress/anxiety. So that's where this latest plan for exercise comes in: working out does WONDERS for my mood and outlook on life and anxiety. I'm also employing some other things like meditation, more therapy and writing. I feel like I'm on the verge of some important stuff, so I'll probably be posting more here as an outlet.


    1. I love every little bit of your 'full-on crazy bad ass brave nuttiness'.


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