I dated a guy in 2003, well before the existence of this blog, which is a shame because MAN I could have shared some hilarious dating stories. Like the time the guy took me to Chez Panisse and the ballet and asked me my top 5 favorite movies "GO." It was like being on a game show. Another time I met a guy for dinner and the first thing he says when I sit down? "Do you like shots?" As in tequila. Yeah, those were good times. 

But anyway, back to the guy in 2003. He lived in State College. My very favorite picture of me and Mrs. B was taken just before I drove up there to see him. I met him online; he was nice at first. But then I noticed he was kinda controlling. But he was also nice and well, extremely wealthy, so we kept dating (from Jan-May). I always imagined myself being doted on my a rich dude when I envisioned my future (which in hindsight was hilariously delusional). When I went up to see him, we drove around in his Mercedes and I got to know his then 9-year-old daughter. We went out for fancy dinners. He was a widow and in love with being a dad. We looked at houses to move into (his dream, but I was along for the ride). I felt squeamish when he talked about moving his daughter's room right next to what would be ours, and making sure she had a door to access us at all times. It just didn't fit my idea of getting married and starting a family. I ended it when I got home. He wasn't very nice when I did. 

I don't know why, but I thought of him today and googled him. I was pretty shocked to find out that he died a year ago, at the age of 45. Unexpectedly. Suddenly. Leaving his now 16-year-old daughter in the custody of family. Wow. That poor girl. Her mother died of breast cancer and now her father is gone. Life is not fair. As if you need me to tell you. Not fair at all.