Operation Feel Better


So here we go! I've applied my super insane Type A skills to develop a strategy to feel better.


1. Last night I did a guided meditation podcast for the second night in a row. I know! Me! Doing meditation! It's craaazy! But I found one that I really like, and it's just 20 minutes, so I don't hyperventilate at the thought of it. I really really, really think it's a great idea for me. Yay. I like it!

2. I started reading Reversing Asthma last night and yay, I really like it. The doctor who wrote it had really, really bad asthma. It's more of a holistic approach to managing it. Awesome!

3. Today's shipment from Amazon rocks! Another asthma book, and Authentic Happiness. I heard about this book about 5 years ago, and came across the title when reading this article yesterday and thought, yep, I should read that. So I bought it. Gotta love Amazon; it's here today. 

4. Culturelle: After some tough love from Mary, I realized (and the Reversing Asthma book confirms) that taking antibiotics habitually have probably made me sicker in the long run. Also, each time you take them, if you don't reflourish your gut bacteria, you're gonna get sick again. So wheeee! Here's my Culturelle probiotics. (I also got some for Lucia -- see the bottle at the top of the pic). 

I'm off to walk to Trader Joe's for some groceries, then time for shower, meditation and back to my book. I've made a choice to get off Facebook and Twitter -- or at least try to -- every night. I'm finding it's much more relaxing to wind down naturally with a book. So old skool, I know! 


  1. I'd love to know what guided meditation you like and have done. I actually was looking around for one a few months back.

  2. Hey Julie, it's http://www.themeditationpodcast.com/ Free on Itunes. It's 20 minutes, like I said, and I've really liked it so far. I plan on doing it tonight.

  3. Cool. I will check it out.


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