Obsession Channeled

My obsessive research skills have finally met their match!

  1. My asthma is out of control. Again. 
  2. I have told my doc here dude, I'm going to need a nasal steroid ASAP. Also, I'm feeling like a number in the system FYI. 
  3. My doc, and maybe my healthcare system as a whole, doesn't get it. 
  4. I have emailed my doc in Maryland, who I ADORED to see if he can recommend a doc out here. 
  5. I'm researching whether Aetna PPO sucks as much as Kaiser or slightly less.
  6. I have a phone consultation with Chris Kresser tomorrow.
  7. I have ordered two books off Amazon about asthma and allergies, both of which include advice about supplements (hello magnesium!), etc. 
  8. I'm praying like crazy for guidance on this. 
The end. I think I'm some better today, meaning I don't feel like total ass, just maybe 75% ass.