I keep starting to write posts about picking artwork for our living room or how cooking with bacon fat is the most amazing thing, but then I think about Japan and it all just seems so trivial. We watch the news every night and I cry. So much devastation. If Japan is the best prepared country in the world for an earthquake, what does it mean for California? Terrifying. The whole thing is terrifying, I feel like the world is holding it's collective breath waiting for the latest news about the nuclear plants. Can you imagine being one of those workers at the plant, trying mightily to correct the problems while you know that your whole life is gone? Your family, your home, all gone? Makes me tear up at the thought. Japan, you're in my heart. 


  1. I feel the same. I try not to watch too much, because I get PTSD flashbacks, but it's just hard not be cry whenever the thought crosses my mind.

  2. Word on that post, Heather.


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