Operation TH4

This post is all about makin babies, periods and the like. Avert your eyes and click away if you might be grossed out. This means you Mom! 

So Operation TH4, that is, working on the fourth member of Team Hansen, isn't going as easy as I thought. Given that the last 2 times I've gotten pregnant was like WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHEN COULD THIS HAVE POSSIBLY HAPPENED? I just figured that we'd figure out the green light days, then go for it and VOILA. EMBRYO. 

After the miscarriage, my cycle was all kinds of crazy, and then the zillion weeks of prednisone really threw it for a loop. As in, I didn't get a period in November at all. I took 5 zillion pregnancy tests to no avail. I feared the worst: my lady parts were horribly busted and I was broken. Then my period arrived and WHEEEE everything's ok! It probably felt more wheeeeeee than that because of the massive hormonal mood swings. 

So Month 1 = hooray! I used my iPhone app to track the green light days. 10 days later, I took a test CERTAIN that I was pregnant. Nope. Then I took another test a few days later. Nope. What the hell is that? I talked to a friend who told me that women can ovulate late, meaning not within the 10-14 day range. Interesante. I did the math and realized Lucia was conceived on Day 16, and Pregnancy 2 (side note, what do we call that? Embryo? I feel bad for giving it such a generic name) on Day 18. Then of course, I consult Dr. Google and convince myself that I have old lady eggs, which is why I miscarriaged in the first place. Which? Thank god for sane friends and my very patient OB who nicely told me um PLEASE DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS. 

So Month 2 we aim for days 15-18 for our green light days. Which also, if you haven't experienced, there is NOTHING sexier than demanding your husband give up the goods repeatedly. When we're both tired and sleep seems so much more attractive. I also decided to *intermittently* (key word here) use the ovulation predictor, like every other day starting on day 15, and nada. No smiley face in the window.  So I wasn't optimistic. Ended up getting my period 4 days early. Um ok?

Month 3!! Here we go!! It's gonna happen!!!! I have the 20 days of ovulation tests ready to rock. I start testing on day 12. Day 15 I finally get a smiley face. Wheeee!! Do the deed and calculate due date. Debate if it's selfish to want to have a C-section on my birthday so baby and I can celebrate the rest of our lives together. Yes, I really go there. 

10 days later: Breasts tender. Moody. Feeling weirdness in my belly. Having some weird food aversions, which never happens to me unless I'm preggers. Robin's son Kent, who has some serious sensory geniusness going on, asks me if I have a person in my stomach. Convinced I'm pregnant. Take a test. 

Um seriously?

I'll take another one in a few days. But DUDE. 


  1. What a bummer! ! And weird when we think we know our bodies so well and then they disappoint us. Anywho, I'm not pretending to know a thing about it bc I've never been or tried to get pregnant, but just sending good vibes your way on operation TH4. Also, not sure if you read Runners Trials but she is currently going through fertility treatments. http://www.runnerstrials.com/

  2. That sucks... Jonah was months and months of nothing, then 6 months of fertility drugs. It will happen... I'm sure your eggs are no where close to old lady eggs. I have worked at Gymboree, I have seen woman who had to have old lady eggs (ie, first time moms at 50). I was so crazy with the baby making with Jonah that I made sure we covered a window a few days before and a few days after the happy face, just to make sure it took. Babies make women do crazy things...

  3. Just remember that one will come out positive, even if it's two years from now and you and Pete have given up all hope. Then when it does you can throw it at Pete like I did with Scott and yell "Look what you did to me!" Ahhh, nothing like throwing a pee stick at your husband!

  4. Lauren -- completely. I'm SO convinced! Then nada. So frustrating. Valerie, thanks! Next month I'm using the more advanced ovulation thing which tells me low, med, high or peak days of fertility. Mary calls it the Ovulator 3000.

    Thanks Amanda! It's so frustrating!

  5. Heather have you tried tracking your temp? It's free and that is what my specialist had me doing. They explained to me that it gives you the same information as the ovulation sticks but it's free. They actually told me not to bother with the sticks.

  6. Temping is supposed to be super accurate also, I did forget about that. You need a basal thermometer that has the hundredth of a degree.
    Also, I can say that the best thing you can do for yourself is to just relax. You want it to happen, but the body is so super sensitive to any stress and pressure. Speaking from experience, after three years of knocking myself out (and husband for that matter) of why not now, why not this month. What is wrong with me? What's wrong with you? Etc, etc, The moment I said fuck it, I'm done,I got pregnant. Not everyone and every family can "plan" for it. So please, don't drive yourself crazy, and don't take the fun out of the practicing ;-) No one has fun when it becomes a chore.

  7. Thanks ladies! If it's a no-go this month I'm trying the super fancy one (already purchased on CL). Crossed fingers!


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