I need motivation to get to the gym.

Please help me. I've fallen into a massive rut since having the crap beat out of me by the trainer, and then, not surprisingly, breaking up with said trainer. 

It's not that I don't have the time. 
It's not that I'm afraid of running into aforementioned trainer.

It's that I'm tired. 
And feeling defeated. 
And feeling like what's the point. 
And feeling like if losing weight is 80% diet why do I have to be ALL! JACKED! to get there? 
And feeling like Bleh. 
And feeling like making excuses for why I don't need to work out. 

Instead of remembering why I love to work out, because I feel like:

  • I accomplished something
  • I'm a total badass
  • I'm super fit. Even one workout a week does this
  • I'm working towards my goals
  • Less tired, more energetic
  • More body confident
I need to get there. We're working on TH4 as you know, and should that happen in the next few months, I don't want to end up a squishy mess like last time. I want to use the momentum to have a healthy and fit pregnancy. 

Please wave your pom-poms or give me some encouraging words to get there. 


  1. Girl, you can do it. Put a photo up somewhere of your best healthy moment and look at that as inspiration when you are trying to back out of the gym. I always tell myself on days I'm not feeling it "you have to go for 30 minutes. if you still hate it and want to leave, you can." And most of the time, once I hop on a cardio machine, I want to spend another 30-60 minutes doing weights and other fun machines. Grab a good magazine to distract yourself.

  2. RAH Rah? I wish I knew the magic words. I can exercise but the food part...I suck. What I do almost every single time I am thinking about exercising/not exercising is say...how are you going to feel when you are done? And THAT'S how I get going.

  3. oh...and it doesn't work with the food part for me. I usually feel pretty darn good after eating junk. Not fair.

  4. You know I hear ya- I'd say the best way to beat inertia is to just go and do it once. You really deserve to feel great and a great workout always makes me feel good. I hate this phrase overall because I don't think exercise should be pain but they have these shirts at our gymn saying "the pain of discipline or the pain of regret" Today I got it as I did get up for the 6 a.m run and there was a lot of pain and resistance as I had an 11 hour day today and thought that was pretty good reason to skip said run plus I am mad at my trainer. But halfway through I was happy I wasn't going to have to beat up on myself all day for sleeping in and skipping the run

  5. Thanks ladies. I'm headed there today for some cardio. My plan is to resume the strength training MWF, but for now I just need a boost to get me feeling good again. :)


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