It seems that something clicked and all of the sudden, my weight isn't really a problem.

Actually, let's say that a bit louder, shall we?


As in, it doesn't need to be fixed. Or thought about from 500 different directions. Or researched to the hilt only for validation of what I already know to be true.

You already know what my formula is, but in case you've forgotten, it's low-carb. I eat low carb and the weight melts off. End of story.

I suspect I arrived here after reading this post (which talks about knowing what to do vs. doing it) and well, just growing tired of myself. Do you ever do that? Just grow completely fed up with yourself and you're able to say, HEY SELF, TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH OR ELEVEN. I questioned why I wasn't doing what I already knew to be true. I didn't have a lot of answers besides shuffling my feet and saying, I dunno. I started out feeling very anxious about it (like I do on Day 1 of most "diets,") then I just told myself, either you want this or you don't. It's not bad or good, it's just do you want this or not? And I do. And I did. And I continue to.

So now I'm thrilled I'm just 1 lb a way from my lowest weight to date since having Lucia (minus a weekend of eating treats -- see below) Never mind that's far from my goal, I am downward trending and feeling really good about it. The other best part? I'm able to have a little bit of a treat every day, so I'm not falling into the old black and white thinking of being either ON or OFF plan. Last week I dropped weight despite having a fancy chocolate from See's Candies and a few tortilla chips while waiting for dinner (if you want sample menus holla in the comments). There are no absolute rules and if I decide to have things higher in carbs, which side note: I enjoyed SO much of this weekend visiting with the very fun Robin, who you've undoubtedly seen commenting here, I'm not beating myself up. I'm back on track today and not worried about the fact it was up 2 lbs today. Nope.

For the first time in a very long time, I feel totally in control, happy and optimistic that I'll meet my goals. It just isn't a problem anymore.



  1. This is a great quote from Kings of Pastry-a documentary about a French pastry competition. If you haven't seen it you can stream it on Netflix.
    You post reminded me of this awesome line in it. It sums up what you were talking about...I think ;)

    "The idea in France is to eat the best possible on a daily basis but just in small quantities so your brain is happy every day. You know there's no, you don't starve yourself and then eat like a pig at the all you can eat on Saturday night. That doesn't exist. They don't exist...all you can eat in France."

  2. Hi Amanda! Thanks! Exactly -- no forbidden foods! The Bethenny Frankel book was really helpful with that too; taste everything, don't wolf down anything like an animal.

  3. Oh, I don't suggest watching this documentary hungry. At least make sure you have some dark chocolate nearby in case you crack. Scott was dying. ;)

  4. Ooh yes on the sample menus please!
    Also, Bethenny Frankel's book was good? maybe I will buy.

  5. :) Good to know Amanda!

    Julie, here's what I ate yesterday:

    B: 3 eggs
    S: chicken breast, 1 slice of bacon,
    L: chicken salad with walnuts and grapes -- I had to go out for a biz lunch and the salad was ENORMOUS. I left about 1/3 of it.
    S: beef jerky, 1 cluster of dark choc almonds
    D: meatloaf muffins, broccoli with olive oil
    S: 2 small bites of Pete's chocolate cake.

    I'm aiming for more veggies today.

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  7. Here's the plan for today:

    B: toast with peanut butter (out of eggs :( )
    L: marinara sauce with ground beef (not the lean kind), roasted peppers, onions, tons of peas.
    S: chicken breast (roasted with the skin)
    D: meatloaf muffins, green beans

  8. Thanks for the menus.

  9. Julie, I mean, it's not like I'm an expert or something. I just found what works for me. :)

  10. Oh, I'm not going to start eating exactly what you eat;)...just like hearing that it is normal food and not like you are eating one melba toast for breakfast and a grapefruit for dinner. I really liked that article you linked to about how we already know what to do, so stop "researching" it and just do it. It is so true.

  11. :) Yep, I really loved that post -- I'm an obsessive researcher, so it was super helpful to just stop and just do what I know works.


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