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The problem with blogging about your issues and stuff you're working on? It puts a focus on your problems. Which are real and have a space, but also aren't representative of your whole being (stating the obvious here probably).

I'm fine. Absolutely fine. Yes, I'm working on stuff and that's my nature to get to the bottom of stuff and to be constantly curious  -- if anything, that's what's wrong with me if we want to put a label on it. I'm constantly digging.

But I miss just blogging about stuff. Funny stuff. Stuff that I want to share with you, from concealer choices to fertility issues (yep, still not pregs) to all the stuff that makes up me.

I feel like doing my experiments of Do Something That Scares You were so immensely confidence building, and I'm so grateful. But I can't think of anything right now that I want to tackle, yet there's a lot to tell you. So I'll still be tackling that stuff when it comes up and of course sharing with you, but in the meanwhile I don't want to feel buttonholed into posting a certain way. That feels confining.

So here we go!


  1. Yup. I got you on this. I hardly blog anymore. I was looking back at some of my stuff from the Dirty Pig Chronicles and it was definitely more light hearted stuff. Hey, blog about whatever. I LOVE when you talk about new makeup and stuff. And boots!! Totally inspired me to buy a pair of Fryes...which I got at such a great price that even though I can't fit them over my calves right now, well without pulling them on for an hour, I am keeping them.

    Totally agree that whatever one is blogging about is not necessarily the only thing going on in one's life...unless you are me and then it is indeed ALL MURPHY ALL THE TIME. At least he totally cracks me up (even when he is acting insane) and we are working on stuff (or at least scheduling lots of appointments.) And we are getting a puppy in a month. So more crazy and cute stuff to come!!


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