This Week's Fitness Challenges: A Story of Can'ts and Mean Girls

I told my trainer twice tonight that I couldn't do something because I felt fat doing it. Running on the track and pilates. Running on the track becuase I'm terrified people will be like DUDE she is running so slow! Or like a fat kid! Whoa! I've never tried pilates because I'm scared people will say, um yeah, like pilates is what you need, chubsters.

Man I'm mean. I am the ultimate Mean Girl. Rather than ruminate on when this type of thought pattern began and why god why and let's think about it some more, we're moving on to changing. This week's challenge -- correction -- every day I try to -- do something that scares me, but this week's is in the form of people might think I'm fat. 

I'm working up to running on the track, but currently making a million excuses for why I can't. I'm working with my kickass trainer like everyday this week (he's charging me a fraction of what he should be I LOVE THIS MAN) so I may have him get me on the track one day. Ok, scratch that. After I write this I'll email him and tell him I know what I said but I also know that this chick needs to stop thinking like a Fat Girl ahem, Immediately. So we'll get on the track one day this week. I'll likely pass lots of gas (sexy!) and will be turtle slow. But it doesn't matter. Everyday, my goal is to reach outside my comfort zone. 

I'm also going back to hip hop dance class on Saturday. In my head I'm a professional dancer and while it's unfortunate the rest of me hasn't caught up, but man that class if fun anyway. I love the music and someday I'll be a hip hop dancer. Or not. The goal is to stretch my imagination and comfort zone. 


  1. Love it. Really. And I love the new direction of the blog. :D

  2. Do the pilates, girl. It really helps with core strength. It can change your body. And I am the fat girl.

    Be brave!! Run that track.

  3. Get your ass on that track, HL!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  4. Pilates was great (when I did it, of course)! Also, I've run marathons but still feel like people look at me and think...then why aren't you skinny? I'll feel amazing during and after a run, look in the mirror and go...Wow...shouldn't I be smaller than this? So, I have to work on that Fat Girl talk, too, obviously.
    Like the redesign!

  5. I love yoga and pilates and do pretty well with both. I mostly prefer it because it's in a darkish room and everyone who is REALLY good at it has their eyes closed in some sort of meditative state and can't see my large rear end stuck up in the air. Hip Hop sounds really really fun. I think I would be super self conscious the whole time I was there, too.

    PS...Where do I find your amazing trainer near Houston? I think maybe I should ship one in.

  6. Oooh, me too Valerie! I'm in Katy and I want one of those trainers.

  7. Thanks ladies! Amy, I think we're running on the track tomorrow. WOOT.

    Valerie and Robin, I think having a routine and telling him exactly what I wanted was key. I didn't want someone to come up with some chintzy routine for me; I trust the Female Body Breakthrough book (and some others) and just wanted help performing the exercises. He's delivered. And then some. :)

  8. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Try Pilates! I try to take it at least once a week at my gym and there are all body types, sizes, and ages in the class...even old men. Its great for the core, and they usually do turn the lights down. Hang in there, you've started off great!


  9. I bet a ton of women can relate to this. I know I, for one, refused to actually go to the gym until I lost about 40 lbs. a few years ago. That's right--I had to lose weight to qualify to go to the gym (at least in my own mind). It just seemed like the gym was filled with beautiful, thin girls with a ton of make-up on--and I was neither thin nor willing to wear make-up to the gym.

    When I finally did go, it turned out I had just built it up in my head. No one there cared what I wore, whether I was thin, or if I was "put together." They were too busy working out! :)


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