Do Something That Scares You: Updates

I thought I'd provide some updates and a check off list, maybe more for me than you, of how I'm doing on the various things I've listed. 

Ran on the track? Yep. 

Went back to Hip Hop class? Yep. 

Pilates? Not yet. 

Work: continue to be brave, take deep breaths and venture outside my comfort zone: Yep. 

Fashion: Continue to do very daring things: Yep. 

Self-care: continue to ask for what I need, say no more and stop caring what people think about me. My true friends love me and want me to be happy. 

Dreams: Thought about nursing school. Still thinking about it. 

Basically when it comes to just about every area of my life, whenever I hear the voice saying you shouldn't, I'm fighting back and saying NO I REALLY SHOULD. Or when I can't, ACTUALLY I CAN. 

It's startling how different reality vs. what's in my head. It literally surprises me every day. And it's a constant battle, but it's one I'm ready for. Enough is enough. 

I don't know that I've said this lately, but thank you for your comments and pom-pom waving. It's really been a great source of strength and support. 


  1. I tried hip hop on vacation once. I'm not sure I'd have dared if my sister-in-law wasn't with me. I was sooooo bad. But it was fun. And once was enough. I hope you try pilates - I think it's great.

  2. Heather
    Thanks for the update--- I am very impressed and thank you for sharing

  3. Oh, now that you've said THANKS I realized I haven't been very good about commenting AT ALL and I am ashamed but I am cheering for you just the same. Ironically, I've often thought about nursing school over the years as well!
    GO YOU! :-) I really like pilates as well so I hope you will give it a try.


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