Do One Thing That Scares You: Fashion Edition

I know, I can't decide if it's Do One Thing or Do Something. You get the picture anyway, right?

Today, let's discuss my thighs. WTF HL I thought this blog was a new direction?? Posts about the size of my thighs = NOT NEWS. 

Yes, yes. But specifically I want to talk about how my thighs, and all their ample, dimply glory, made me afraid to try some new fashions. You know the ones. Leggings are only for pajamas or to be worn UNDER things. Skinny jeans, YEAH RIGHT. Those are for girls with skinny thighs, thus the name. DUH. 

I always said, I can't wait to wear those when I'm a size 4! It'll be so great!! And now let me just obsess over how I'm going to get there. Won't it be so refreshing when I can start doing the things I want to do???????

But the more I wore my (size 8) boot cut jeans and the more I saw these cute cute outfits with some type of slim leg, I felt like I was missing out. But I was terrified that someone would see my thighs and be all DUDE, who do you think you are?

But then I just decided eff it, I'm wearing them. Specifically, an $8 pair of leggings from H&M, circa 2006. Yes, I've had them since then I haven't really been wearing them. I ventured out slowly at first; a playdate with a close girlfriend. I wore a blousy top, leggings and black flats. She said I looked adorable. Ok then! I wore a similar get up to a street festival where we didn't know anyone (PHEW, cause you know they might judge me!!). I felt good and hip. 

Then I realized the key to skinny pants when you have big thighs is boots. This, along with lack of self care, fueled my boot obsession. But the point was, I was determined to face my fears about my thighs being "exposed." I ordered the supplex leggings, which btw I so highly recommend. I want to make out with them. Maximum support but they're still comfy. Hello. I wore those a few times in public and whaddya know, the world still turned. Amazing. 

Then, gulp, I got really really brave and took my 40% off coupon to the Gap and marched over to the salesperson and politely asked, do you have these in a 8 ankle? I have to admit, I was afraid she'd be like WE DON'T MAKE THOSE IN YOUR SIZE. KINDLY REFER TO THE BOOT CUT, LADY. But she didn't. She came right back with them. I took some deep breaths and put them on. And voila. They looked amazing. Not OMG I have pencil thin legs amazing, but really, really good on MY BODY. AS IT IS, TODAY. Jiggly thighs and all. Take a look (here I am with my new Frye boots, btw). 

Do my thighs still bother me? Yep. I'm working on getting them back in shape and smaller. But more importantly, I can't let fear govern so much of what I do anymore. Fear is very, very useful and has been helpful in certain situations (kinda like donuts). But each thing I tackle, I'm making a declaration, fear, you're not in charge anymore. 


  1. I love this- it is one of the saddest and most ironic truths in life- body image has little if anything to do with your actual size. It has way more to do with how you feel, what you wear and how you live. You look awesome and I doubt if you didn't do this now you ever would have felt better wearing them at a 4.

  2. Super cute! I haven't yet to try this but....mayyyybe I will, even though my kids might make fun of me or something.

  3. Thanks ladies!! Jen, this weekend I thought so much about what you wrote. It's really true, my head is totally messed up and convinces me of non-truths daily. Constantly. I'm hopeful that starting to question it will help.

    Melissa, who cares if they make fun of you? You should feel good about what you wear! :)


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