We have our first official casualty of the move.

I know. 

When I got my Merrell boots, I was so freaking excited that I insisted on Pete bringing them with him when he picked me up from work and subsequently went out to dinner. I put Frye boots in the Merrell boot box and proceeded to make out with Merrell boots. Poor Frye boots never saw it comin'. 

Pete brought the box in; I put it near the shoe rack and in the ongoing unpacking process we've been putting empty boxes near the door, then outside the door, then down to the trash dumpster. 

That's where they went. We suspect we piled trash in the box and just forgot the boots were in there. 

And they don't have my size anywhere on the Internets. 

I'm sad. Really sad. It's true that I didn't love them as much as the Merrell boots. They weren't what I expected; I wanted a riding boot, they were not that at all. But they were expensive and made me feel fancy. And good god they were so comfy. I plan on cruising the post-Christmas sales for a replacement pair. Hopefully also in green. :( 


  1. Ah, that totally sucks! I would feel terrible too if I lost a pair of fryes. Hopefully something new and beautiful will come your way soon in the form of boots. :)

  2. Thanks Sassy. I hate losing things, I want to vomit over the thought of it. SADFACE. Let's hope I can find another pair that rock.

  3. Aw man, those are cute boots.


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