Two blog posts I found insightful today:
  • Stephanie Quilao from Back in Skinny Jeans wrote an amazing post about being authentic and feeling free to be imperfect. Something I really really really admire and am working on myself. 
  • A Daddy blogger (a term I was unfamiliar with and can't decide if I like) posted this, and I COMPLETELY relate to the paragraph about surrendering to what IS. Also working on that. 
I don't really have any other updates. I'm exhausted; work was SUPER insanely busy yesterday and we had plans to see friends afterwards. We didn't get home until nearly 9, and then God Forbid we don't let the kid watch Elmo World before bed. Girlfriend is way more militant about her routine than Mrs. B was (and that's really saying something, Mrs. B was cray cray for her routine). Yes I just compared my daughter to my late dog. 

After one week of the Paleo diet and hitting the gym, I can tell you I feel fitter, leaner and less puffy. All great things. I'm heading to the gym very reluctantly, despite being extremely tired, to bust out my ST routine today. Operation Caffeinate = GO. 

New Merrell boots arrived: I'm totally making out with them.