Female Body Breakthrough

Seems I'm not the only one who thinks the Female Body Breakthrough warmup is ridiculous. 15 minutes of warming up = No can do. I got to get in and get out. Those 15 minutes are crucial at getting me back to my office in less than an hour. So no. Having Charlotte verify it = awesome. 

Other than that, the program is going awesomely. I have 4 workouts left to make it to the goal of doing 12 workouts in one month, and um, before we leave for Delaware in 6 days. I've scheduled them out, and days like today when I'm so freaking tired are just going to happen; I'm going to go, get it done, and declare victory. 

Oh and for Phase 2? I'm working with a trainer. Who is badass. I decided rather than hear the trainer schpiel about you'll be doing cardio mostly and light weights and eating lots of whole grains, I decided to ask the trainer if he could help me with something specific: Phase 2 of my program. I met Michael in the weight room; he wondered if he was in my way when he was working out off duty and then asked me if I needed help with anything. I asked him about my form on this particular exercise and he took one look at me and said my torso was too short; that's why I wasn't feeling the move. So he created a new one for me that's more effective (read: OW). He's a form junkie and so am I, so I'm excited to work with him. Our first appointment is Jan. 3. 

While in Delaware I plan on doing some bodyweight workouts  just to feel not-squishy and doing walks around my parents neighborhood, which has 2 big hills. 

I'm still eating Paleo/low carb, but trying to keep my portions in line for fatty things like mayo. I have to remind myself like 75x a day that just because I'm allowed to have something doesn't mean I have to go gangbusters on it.


  1. The right trainer can be totally awesome- I love mine and probably would keep paying him forever- though i think he'll move this summer :(
    I hope it works out well for you

  2. Thanks Jen! I'm totally psyched! :)

  3. Yeah I've lost 14 lbs all body fat, and about 3 sizes and what I am doing is totally sustainable. It will be awesome.


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