Friends, I'm feeling fat today. I'm bloated, likely a result of my cheat meal last night, which inadvertently involved cheese. I'm feeling very sick and very sorry I had any cheese. I also have seemed to forget that when you first start lifting weights, you retain water like crazy. Which is also fun. The scale was up 1.4 lbs today, so that's a great way to start the day. I'm guzzling water like crazy, and am going to the gym at lunch time to do some cardio and hopefully sweat some of this fluid out. Also, in the realm of TMI, my cycle hasn't really resumed since the miscarriage and steroids (no, I'm not pregnant, I've taken 3 tests), yet I have felt on the verge (read: PMSy and bloaty) for the past um week. Let's hope for a slimmer Thursday?


  1. I am sorry that is frustrating but if you aren't getting your period again I wouldn't worry too much, I know I didn't lose any of the weight I had gained right before my miscarriage before my period came back- of course then I was pregnant the next month so brighter times can be ahead

  2. Thanks Jen! As soon as my cycle returns, we plan on doing a little family planning. Wink wink! :)


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