Celeb Sighting at the Swedish Thing!

So we're at the Santa Lucia celebration last night (today is Santa Lucia day -- hooray!). As a young family, we have very few Christmas traditions so far, but this is one of them. You come eat, papparcracker (gingerbreadish), pastries and drink mulled wine. You sit and watch the ladies/girls with candles on their heads process and sing Santa Lucia song over and over again. Afterwards the kids sit on Santa's lap and there's some dancing around the tree blah blah blah. 

This year I dress Lucia in her dress, put her hair in two ponytails instead of one (as she has specified), and off we go. Pete drops us at the door as parking in that area of San Francisco can be challenging. We go in, and Lucia starts playing with the kids. There's this one kid that she's obsessed with hugging. I don't know why, she just is. The little girl tries to get her mom's attention, but her mom, who is not facing me, isn't responding. Her kid makes a sadface. But then she finally turns around and I say to her mom, My kid is obsessed with yours. They can't stop hugging. 

And it's true. Look at them. (Crap quality, I know)

She laughs and says her daughter's name is Dixie. I said mine is Lucia and she says, of course it is and we have a laugh about how my kid is totally confused by everyone who keeps saying her name. "Who's the Lucia this year?" someone wondered aloud earlier, and my Lucia was all WHAT. You get the picture. She says, I'm Tabitha. I said, I'm Heather, just like I would when meeting anyone. 


Like that. 

It was her. I grew up pretty much glued to MTV and idolizing her (mostly her figure, truth be told). Rock the Vote, which she was basically the face of, was the first election I voted. BTW I felt so strongly about that election, that when I had a seizure just a few months after You know who was elected, it was literally the only thing I could recite: not the date, not the day of the week. But who I voted for President. That's right. 

Also? The Young Scandinavians Events are pretty much attended by the same peeps year after year after year. We know most everyone. To have a celeb in the midst = FREAKY. 

So needlessly to say I almost peed my pants. The worst part is I was surrounded by Scandinavians who didn't grow up in the US, so I was totally racking my brain to figure out who I could tell, and then I remembered our friend's wife who is American. I tell her and true to my spastic Muppet form, I cannot be low key. CANNOT. God. So my friend's wife is all OMG and I'm pretty sure it was obvs to TS that we were totally talking about her. 

The ceremony starts and TS and her three kids are SITTING IN OUR ROW. I know myself well enough, so I positioned Pete in between me and her, or else I'd just act like an ass trying to get her to like me. I can't help myself that way. So Pete sits next her son, and he and Lucia play the whole ceremony. Afterwards we waiting to see Santa, and Lucia for whatever reason wanted to hang out at the front of the line watching the other kids with Santa. Guess who else wanted to hang out at the front of the line and take pictures of her kids?

Afterwards she gathered her kids and said, let's go eat some pastries. I said, bye, but she didn't really say bye back. I felt like an uncool kid. Then I read up on her online and decided I'm not sure if I even like her. 

The end.