Thrilling Updates

I have developed a nut allergy. How do I know, you ask? Because I now have an asthma attack every time I have nuts. Sadface x1000. I love nuts. Especially peanut butter. There's no sense in testing; those tests are notoriously hyper false-positivey. I had a friend who had it done and it said she was allergic to like EVERYTHING. So no. We'll just go by experience. That means I'm off dairy, nuts, most carbs and sugar. I'll have the lettuce wrap please. 

That didn't stop me from having Halloween candy, a chocolate cupcake, bread, french fries and three glasses of wine Friday night. My friend Jennifer, the stylist one, took me out to dinner to thank me for sending her clients (I've been helping her with marketing/PR), and I drank just as much as she did and she was able to drive. This shows me I'm not only a total lightweight, I'm an idiot for trying to keep up with someone who weighs 50 lbs more than me. God. 

I'd like to thank the makers of Mucinex for making me feel 1000x better in the past 48 hours. As in, I'm not hacking anymore. God bless. 

I laid on the couch all weekend and was pissed I didn't feel good enough to do anything (not just because I was a little hungover), but because of the asthma/cold. I rallied for a Halloween party yesterday (me: cowgirl, Lucia: Elmo, Pete: photographer/distracted dad). But basically I did nothing besides fold laundry and cook. Pete reminded me a zillion times why it was important to rest.

I bought the Paleo Solution book. Mostly because I wanted to learn more about the impacts of carbs on my hormones; I have my own theories and experiences, but I wanted to know the why. Fantastic book so far -- like almost missed my subway stop because I couldn't look up from it. I dreaded opening it thinking it was going to be like most "diet" books = the shamWOW like approach to why this is SO AMAZING. It's not any of that, it's just a good read. And I totally stole the shamWOW joke from the book. 

Tonight's plan: go through lame T-shirt drawer and give all shirts I hate or make me feel bad to Goodwill. There's no reason to keep this stuff. 


  1. I'm sad for you :(. Peanut butter is a near-daily staple for me. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Bummer. I know a lot of people with nut or peanut allergies but actually, none of them have both. I did have testing done myself once because my throat got all funny after eating nuts. My doctor decided I was not allergic... it was reflux. So I didn't have to carry a darn epipen around anymore:) But I do limit my nut intake. As for PB, I have banned it for now since I loved it so much that I ate it in huge quantities. Sigh.

  3. Thanks Colleen!! Karen, WORD on the huge quantities. It was like my security blanket -- I'm feeling bored/stressed/anxious/tired, I'll just have some peanut butter.
    So in *that* regard, I'm actually relieved. Interesting about temporarily or permanently banning foods: did you see this post:

    I thought it was interesting. I don't really do moderation well. I'm trying not to judge it; lord knows I've got a enough going on.


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