The Sofa

I've mentioned before that I somehow have developed some kind of allergy to our sofa. True it's filled with down (which I am technically allergic to) but it's wrapped in several layers of muslin so it's not like it's just feathers hanging out under the fabric.

But as I've been sick this week and reflecting on WTF is going on for me to having to be on prednisone FOUR times in a year (given that I literally cannot remember the last time I was on it prior to the bad stuff this year) I think I can narrow it down to this apartment. We're on a very busy street and it's very dusty. I remember my allergist in Maryland used to compare allergies to carrying a bucket of sand: one irritant, like a handful of sand in a bucket, isn't too bad. But once you get a few in there, the bucket gets harder and harder to carrying.

So I think the apartment and specifically the road dust has been several buckets of sand by itself. And it's making things like a common cold completely debilitating. And sitting on the sofa. I called Crate and Barrel today to find out how much it would cost for non-down inserts for our sofa + chair and a half. $700, or about $800 with the throw pillows too. I'm tempted. But the thing is, this sofa didn't bother me before we moved here. I was absolutely fine in the other apartment. I just think my airways are sensitive because of the road dust, so it's making everything else hyper crazy offensive to my system.

I dunno. Should we replace the cushions? Or just see how it is in the new apartment?


  1. Let it go to the new apt first... You may just be having a sensitive season. Keep in mind that I say this while sitting in the ER compliments of allergies... Not exactly a standard for comparison.

  2. I should have amended the post to say: we absolutely love the sofa and bought it with $ from our wedding, so we're not selling it. We just loves.

    And yeah, I think we're gonna wait and see.


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