I have to tell you, purging my closet of old clothes last night felt completely liberating. Completely. Like, wonderfully so. I had held on to so many clothes that had various less than happy memories/feelings attached to them. That sweatshirt dress that someone called me fat in back in 1999. That shirt that I got in Venice Beach trying to be all cool but never feeling great in it. My new mantra: Life is too short. Wear the clothes that make you feel amazing. Get rid of the rest. My personal shopper friend -- really everyone should have a friend like this -- made me try on everything. And told me I need to accessorize more. And brought me a clay mask for my hair, a $5 starbucks card and some costume jewelry for my birthday. Result: I'm wearing some majorly awesome jeans today (that I had forgotten about) and feeling amazing. Tonight's purging project: undergarments. I'm vowing right here and now to only keep the ones that feel good or fit. 

I have been painfully bored with my hair lately, so voila, I colored it last night. I'll post pictures tonight; the before with me all made up and the after with me all red faced = not really a good comparison. Plus it's very dry from the process so it kinda has this fuzziness about it. Plus it's too dark on the ends (for now).

Asthma = better. Thank god. I did some research into air purifiers yesterday and found out that most emit some type of ozone, a known asthma aggravator. Um. Whoops. So we've shut it off and are contemplating what to do with it from here. My specific unit meets the California air laws to be sold (emits less than x% ozone) but still, I wonder. Related: The steroids are making me craaaaazy. Like manic energy crazy, but as my mom has advised, just use it to my advantage right now. God knows I'll need it. 

Related: the schedule this week: in laws arrive Thurs, move boxes Fri, meet Mary for dinner in Oakland Friday, celebrate my 37 years of being on this earth Saturday with brunch and dinner out, move furniture Sunday, final walk through Monday. 

I feel like I need to give you an update on eating/fitness, but there isn't one. I'm eating low carb and feeling great. I am not working out and feeling squishy but also feeling kinda over it right now. I'm excited to start walking to work next week and predict lots of whining as a result. So there you go. My fitness/diet update.