I Lied

I had a nightmare the other night where I happen to weigh and was stunned to see I was up to 173. So I weighed. This morning. Just to get it out of the way. It's up a bit (not surprising given I was on 'roids for 15 days) (also, it's not 173 THANK GOD), but will be going down soon.

Also, my goal this week is to not lose my mind trying to be all perfectionist in the gym. MODERATION HL MODERATION. Repeat 700x. Why? Because I was so sore from Friday's workout I wanted to cry in pain. Seriously freaking sore. Must not do that again. Must take moderate approach. 

Also, I read this and really identified with it. As I've said before, that Beck lady knows her stuff. I plan on using the tools in her book to help me stay on track this month.

Also also, Weight Watchers revamped their plan to me. Here's a nice summary of the changes. It's long been SO ANNOYING to me that the old plan enabled you to eat Skinny Cows all the livelong day and real food = same points as processed. The new plan is moving in the right direction. Nice job WW! 


  1. I have no doubt you will make the scale go down again....Moderation usually works great for me when that happens.

    I completely agree with you about the new changes to Weight Watchers. I LOVE them! Thanks for the link up!



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