Fueled by Caffeine

20 oz of coffee can do wonders for one's outlook. I do have some awesome fashion/hair/gym updates that I'm positive will have you on the edge of your seats. 

My hair is back to normal. Ahem. It turns out I bought the kazillion ounce conditioner of um, the wrong type? I thought it was a leave in, so I've been dutifully combing it through my hair, only to have grease head. If I stopped using it, then I had cotton candy head. WTF. Turns out I've been putting deep conditioner on my head and leaving it! Whoops. Good news though: I have used it according to directions and phew, my hair is sane again. Also, I got an Aveda gift card for my birthday, so I went and bought the *actual* leave in. 

Fashion: my personal stylist/friend/makeup guru Jennifer advised these. I do whatever she says, so they'll be in my mitts in a few days. They've got to be better than the darn-near pajama fabric of my only other pair of leggings, which I think were $8 at H&M. Those Swedes have enviable body types, you know. 

Boots: yes yes yes I'm so in love with my Frye boots I want to make out with them. They look amazing and I swear on holy things they are so insanely comfortable. But friends, they are not rainproof. And don't have much of a sole for craptastic weather, demonstrated by the fact I slipped and fell the other day in front of my office. And we are upon the rainy/shitty season in the SF Bay area. So these are on their way -- another birthday present! My lame-appearing but oh so comfy and functional shoes from Merrell are DA BOMB. So comfy. So warm. So handy. So I'm super excited about the boots.  

I'm joining the fancy gym Wednesday (Pete's idea after I was edgy/cranks all weekend). Yes I am. I plan on starting the Female Body Breakthrough Friday. Yes. Please don't ask me why or how or what's up with changing my mind. I can't really put my head around it either. I just know I feel great when I'm lifting heavy weights and have a program to obsess over. Without that in my life, my OCD is unchanneled and kinda permeates everything.