Day 5

It's day 5 of Paleo/detox and I'd be lying if I said it's going great. I'm cranky and edgy and well, I don't have my coping mechanisms to rely on. So I'm learning new skills, like just letting a bad mood just be. Don't solve it or try to make it go away, just let it be. Having an outlet in the form of workout out is ESSENTIAL. I used to do this, I keep reminding myself. I used to do this well; I can do this again. It's just relearning. I haven't cheated with food unless you count 1/3 of a leftover Larabar and a handful of cashews and 2 raisins. Yes, I counted. (Sidenote: I ate nuts and didn't have an allergic reaction WOOOOOOOOOOO!) BUT I've realized that peanut butter is a no-go for me. I cannot be trusted around it; it's one of my check-out foods. I can't have it with moderation. So I'm pretending I'm still allergic to stay on track.)

I am feeling leaner, which is great. I plan on having a splurge meal at some point this week. We have tentative plans with friends on Thursday night so it may be then. Or it may be tonight; the friends were seeing are intense and I have trouble staying in the moment when I'm around them (They're Pete's friends, so it's not like I can un-friend), so it may be best to just stay on plan that night.

THE Robb Wolf sent me a message through Facebook saying my review of the book was great. I'm all starstruck and geeky. I bought a guide for getting started with Paleo; it's from a holistic nutritionist here in SF who I've considered going to see; I figured the cost of her ebook is cheaper than an appointment; if I like what she says, I may go see her. So far, it's handy.

Day 2 of the Female Body Breakthrough ST routine starts today. I was so unbearably sore -- on the verge of tears sore -- this weekend because yup, I overdid it on Friday. So today's goal is to decide what's badass and subtract about 2/3 of that to be at a normal BEGINNER level. After 2 months of no strength training, yes, I'm a beginner again. It hurts me to say it. But not as much as it does to pretend I'm all badass then whimper for days. The goal is to do three ST sessions a week, and I can't do that if I do the badass level of lifting. I did a modified HIIT yesterday on the bike: 2 mins easy cycling, 1 minute hard, for 21 minutes. 

The first week back on program is always hard; I need to be easier on myself. 


  1. Hey
    What are you eating on the paleo diet? Are you doing the new WW plan? I hope the new plan goes well and the new diet gets easier- I don't think I could ever be that hard core-- i can follow exercise plans OK but I get very rebellious about food.

  2. Hi Jen!

    I'm eating meat, vegetables and fat. I eat eggs for breakfast and a salad with meat and oil or mayonnaise dressing for lunch. For dinner I have meat and vegetables with olive oil. For now I'm letting myself have two cheat meals a week, but still avoiding gluten and dairy on those days. I had a cobb salad last night that unfortunately had cheese on it and was sick this morning. :( Dammit! I had some dark chocolate which was tasty though, so I'll do that for the next cheat meal. :)


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