And So It Begins

Thanksgiving was awesome. Really awesome. But man, I am feeling puffy and well, fat. Bloated. Hungover from sugar and carbs. 

Today it begins. Pete is taking his parents to the airport, and as soon as he comes back, I'm heading to the fancy gym to do my first workout from the Female Body Breakthrough. I'm going to think of the annoying warm up as part of the workout, so I'm just going to get over it and try not to fast forward to the "real workout." I have my ipod charged and synced with the new Kanye West album (so excited) and I have my yoga pants + hoodie that make me feel cute. 

My plan is to eat low carb with one cheat meal a week. No chocolate, no nuts, no dairy, no gluten. You get the picture. Protein, Veg and Fat. My goal is to be feeling slimmer and fitter by Christmas; I've got 4 weeks to hit it hard.