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I've had two cups of coffee and wheeee here goes. 

Tis the season for all things pumpkin. I'm planning on whipping up some pumpkin waffles in a few weeks but I thought I'd also share my favorite pumpkin cupcake muffin recipe. It's insanely easy and delish. 

1 box spice cake
1 small can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 c water

Mix. Bake according to box directions. These are best when they're a day or two old. Believe it. They just get moister and moister. 

I am feeling better. I've googled and apparently youse guys are right: 4-6 normal recovery time. This means actually 4-6 weeks. This also means I am not superhuman. Sadface! I ran intervals last night and found the harder I pushed, the better I felt. During my minute run intervals last night, I thought about all the things I was pissed/frustrated/sad about and got it out of my system. Now if only I was in good enough shape to run for like 2 hours, I'd be healed. Prescription: more cardio!! I'm hitting the elliptical tonight. I also started Phase 2 of the NROL4W this week, and GOOD GOD I'm sore. But that's ok. It was my first week back in a long time. So here I am. Back in action. Feeling better but also understanding that I probably won't feel completely better for 3.5 more weeks. Approximately. Not that I'm counting. 


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Meal planning does help. I try to make a menu for the week on Sundays. I list 3-4 dishes, (assuming we'll eat out at least one night)and I make sure I have all the ingredients on hand. If I know I'm going to have a really busy week, I'll do some batch cooking on Sunday too, to freeze and then heat up when needed. A staple is baked chicken. I season and bake several pounds of chicken breast and freeze it. Throughout the week I'll just heat it up and use it over a salad, in a stirfry, over pasta with some marinara.

    As for the exercising, I used to be OCD about spending xx minutes at the gym and having the perfect workout everytime. It took awhile to overcome and this probably isn't for everyone, but... I split up my workouts to make working out less of an inconvenience. I bought an eliptical for my bedroom and I do cardio in the morning in my pjs, no shoes even, but throw on a sports bra, for 20-30 minutes or however long I can spare, everyday. I used to use this time to putz around in my robe, drink coffee and decide what I'm going to wear to work, so I'm really not missing it. Also like it because it gives me time to plan my day. I do weight training at the gym for 25 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week, on my lunch hour or whenever I can sneak out of work. At night if I'm watching TV, I might do some extra ab work, if I'm baking and have something in the oven I'm waiting on I'll get on the eliptical again. It's really not very structured. The only scheduled thing is I attend a yoga class one night a week which I really look forward to, so it doesn't feel like exercise anyway. By doing it this way, I find I'm not stressed about time as much and feeling like I can't everything done and another advantage is that if I have to skip one part, like I don't make it to the gym that day, I still got my cardio in in the morning so it's not a complete loss. Anyway, that's my strategy -sorry for the long comment, but you asked. :)Good luck and hang in there!


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