I spent the weekend sick with a cold from Lucia. And I remember the shitty insulation and heating in this apartment, as it's unseasonably cold and I'm freaking freezing. Also: so glad we're moving. Really, really glad. The sadness and being overwhelmed totally passed and now I'm all BRING IT ON.

I also spent some time reading up on Primal/Paleo diets. Veddy interesting, especially the gluten part. We had grilled pizzas last night, precluded by pumpkin cheesecake and a few bites of pumpkin coffee cake with my brother. Today = totally crappy. I mean, aside from bloating and feeling hungover, we're talking uncomfortable, unpleasant stomach issues. :( I'm starting to wonder if I should cut out gluten completely. SADFACE x10000.

To continue the misery, I ate a brownie tonight. It was total deprivation brain = but I'm going to try this Paleo/Primal thing and that means giving up gluten so I might as well have a last hurrah. Ugh. I really hate my brain sometimes. It's brutally deceptive. Now I feel terrible. And here we are. I'm going to try it this week and see how I feel. We have pizza night planned for Saturday, but I may substitute something. We'll see. Tomorrow I'm listening to the Paleo podcasts to and from work.

Note: I really don't feel like the overeating today had anything to do with anxiety, which is my MO. I planned on eating grilled pizzas and enjoying myself at the crappy not worth it overhyped pumpkin festival.

I did get 9+ hours of sleep both nights. I've started making myself go to bed early; TV, Twitter, Facebook be damned. My sleep is more important than so many things.

That's all I gots peeps. Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Getting more sleep is so great. I have been getting to bed very early for the last several month and it makes such a difference in how you feel and deal with stress.


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