This Week

We didn't start the fitness regime. I tried to take care of myself and get as much sleep as possible to get over this cold. Which naturally means that I started feeling better Wednesday and now have another cold. Kill me now. I'm having deja vu from last fall/winter when I was constantly sick. I'd like to just fast-forward to three weeks from now, when I'm in our cuddly warm  new apartment, where everything is unpacked and miraculously clutter free and organized. 

We bought a chin up bar for the said fitness regime and a few times, I'd get all excited about it and start to tell Pete that we need to install it RIGHT AWAY. But then I'd wait a second and that thought would pass. I did find that cleaning really helped my stress level. And that all I really want to do is sleep these days. Overwhelmed x10000.

And Happy Friday to you.