Here's how packing is going: sort. Find something. Get sad about something. (Receipt for Mrs. B's last cheeseburgers, info packet for my pregnancy bloodwork). Sigh. Decide to give it away let it go. Pause for a minute to remember it and let it go. Let it go.

But for some things, I end up changing my mind and deciding to keep it. Fuck! (Sorry mom!) At this rate we'll be living amongst boxes and things I can't let go of for a long time.

For ejemplo, I can't bear to give away my GORGEOUS bed skirt and shams. Even though I know I'm not using them. I had them when I first moved to SF and loved them. We have like 2 other sets of duvets and shams, etc. It's not practical! I know! I know I know I know. But they remind me of my bright-eyed single days when the city was all shiny and new. I had the listing all written for Freecycle and was set to post pictures. Then I realized I really wanted to save it for that one day when we have a guest room. Because then I will deck the room out and be able to relive my life when it was blissfully uncomplicated (albeit in abbreviated form) for just a few minutes from time to time when I visit that room and maybe roll around on the bed by myself. What I'm saying is it will be lovely.

Also? I can't bear to part with Lucia's bathtub. This actually may be useful since we're going down to one bathroom, and since my cleaning skills are less than ahem, routine? so this might benefit my child, hygienically speaking. It's humongous and retails for a whole $15 on Craigslist (but $32 new in stores!!), but I really like it and really like the person that gave it to me.

However, I am having a BALL giving away stuff from my old job. That crappy laptop bag they gave away as "gifts" at that one meeting? Selling on Craigslist. All those corporate YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME AND GOING TO BE A WINNER IN THE CORPORATE WORLD books? Selling on Amazon like hotcakes. Mwa ha ha. It feels deliciously wicked.


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