One weekend closer

It's one weekend closer to me declaring the cheat meal dead. Also one weekend closer to us moving. But first things first: pizza night is over. We decided that an hour after last night's meal when I started feeling really sick. The dairy. Oh the dairy. I've started not even wanting it -- it doesn't really tempt me because of how terrible I feel after it. Same with the white flour. And well, anything carby. I housed some tortilla chips this weekend and welp, pretty much the same thing. I told Pete tonight I just can't eat those without feeling terrible. I haven't worked out in a week and don't care what I weigh. But I do really feel fantastic when I eat low carb. As I've said 100 times. I don't know who I'm trying to build a case for: myself? Attention Self: let's get on board with this, ok?

In other news:

We had planned to move boxes Nov. 12 while Lucia was in daycare and book professional movers for Nov. 14 to move furniture. Except our daycare provider is taking Nov. 12 as a personal day. And Nov. 11 as a holiday. For the love of god. How we're going to finalize the last few days of packing with a very pesky two-year-old asking repeatedly to "help" is beyond me. Nina and Leif are coming to town thank the lord in heaven, but it's still would be so much easier if she was in daycare those days. Also, this gives me two less days to plan the goodbye gift for our daycare provider. I cried when we told her we were moving, we adore her.

Pete left his car at the subway station last week when we signed the lease; I dropped him off to get it. On my way home with Lucia, there was a guy on 101 swerving and looked really out of it, and almost hit us. I called the CHP (CHIPS BABY! Greatest show!) to report it. I stayed far back, but continued to observe him swerving and then over correcting to stay in his lane.  I saw him exiting in a neighboring town so I followed him. He stopped at a gas station, and promptly stumbled and fell down when he got out of his car. He was that wasted. I called the local police and reported that. Today I got a call that they need my statement for the case -- the arrested him. Hooray!

We spent the weekend decluttering, which meant tons of bags of stuff to goodwill. I'm feeling really good about that. No use in moving junk. I went through my boxes from my old job, which I had been dreading cause I thought it would bring back bad memories. Nope. I just opened them and threw away most of the stuff. I inherited some PR books and promptly listed those on Amazon for sale. We cleaned out Lucia's closet and discovered that she has more clothes than Zsa Zsa Gabor or my mom (and that's really saying something, my mom has got mad clothes horse skills). We looked through Lucia's things and couldn't believe she was ever that small. Then I remember she barely filled out the newborn size. I sure hope we have another girl when the time comes; otherwise that's a whole lotta eBay goin on.


  1. I am happy to borrow any small newborn clothes and will return them! I suspect that she will come out small enough to wear them... :-)


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