Mission Accomplished


It's finally happened. 

You can rest easy. 

I have found boots. 

What boots? For the past two weeks, I have been completely obsessed with finding the most! perfect! boots. We all know that when the shit hits the fan for me stress wise, I like to find something to obsess over. Boots = a natural, given that everyone is wearing them this fall (and truthfully last winter in Norway -- damn Europeans for being so ahead!). I have awesome knee high boots for dress (like these though I'm pretty sure mine are pleather). But well, they're six years old. And they're super pointy toe and sexy (Pete ADORES them) and go great with a lot of things. But I can't wear them with leggings, or jeans really, without feeling well, dressy. I needed some casual boots. The last pair of boots I bought was in 2007 for our trip to Arkansas. I think I spent $30 on them and well, you get what you pay for when it comes to boots. They appear to be $30 and are horribly uncomfortable to wear (but don't tell Pete, I'm not giving them away -- good memories in them!) 

So I started looking. Everyone and their mother has riding boots. So I contemplated these as well as like 5 other pairs of that particular style. Then I remember how I have these amazing plum booties (same brand) that scuff each time I wear them and it sickens the perfectionist in me. I can't handle the scuffs! Therefore, I concluded I didn't want shiny leather. I looked at these and decided I didn't want pleather (like my current ones). I'm on a newfound mission to emulate her style, so I wanted something that was pretty timeless. But then I thought about our new neighborhood (so much hipper than our current one) and decided to go with a more utilitarian style, ala Meg Ryan (you know? Those pictures you see of her kickin around town?). So I thought about these and these. But then I decided they were a little how-you-say, androgynous? I really liked these but really didn't like the pricetag. Plus, they're kinda boring.

So I was stuck. I knew what look I was going for: functional. Flats. Stylish. A bit edgy, but nothing too trendy. I couldn't seem to find something in the middle. 

I looked online only of course. DSW. Nordstrom. Macy's. Rei. Zappos. Gilt. Ideeli. Zulilly. Lands End. LL Bean. Boden. Gap (shudder). 

Pete and I saw a lady last weekend with cute boots  and he suggested I ask her where she got them. I wasn't in the mood to be outgoing (it actually happens from time to time), so I declined. Plus people sometimes get weird if you ask where they got them. Like you're trying to copy off their paper at school or something. 

Then I stopped at Trader Joe's yesterday to get some beef jerky, because BTW I've suddenly developing a coughing thing when I eat my go-to afternoon snack of almonds (SADFACE). The woman ahead of me in line had great boots on. I complimented her and she said thanks. And then volunteered: They're Frye.  I said I had heard of Frye (cause this lady got a pair for her birthday). She said: I've had them for years and wear them every day in the winter. They were pricey, but so worth it. Endless.com -- they'll beat any price and have free shipping. Check it out. 

So last night I did just that. 

and found these. 

And then I clicked on my size, and they only had them in Forest. Dark green is one of my top three favorite colors of all time. Plus I couldn't decide between brown or black. Plus not a lot of people have Forest green boots. Now I will. 

I put them in my cart, and voila, saw they were an additional 25% off. So friends, for the same price of a pair of boots at most of those other places, I got myself some Frye boots in an amazing color with amazing styling. I cannot wait for them to arrive Monday. 


  1. I'm convinced Frye are some of the most attractive and well made boots out there. I got the harness boots last winter. No regrets! Would love several more pair of Fryes but alas, the pricetag.

  2. Hey Sassy, thanks! They're exactly what I wanted. I'm so excited. And they were only $150. I know. I almost passed out I was so excited. :)


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