The Gym

So you know how I am, right? Totally obsessive. Lately when I get like this, I take a few steps back and hilariously observe myself and ask WTF IS GOING ON HERE.

So. Ahem. There's a really fancy gym across the street from my office. We get a corporate discount, but it still is not cheap to go there, by any stretch of the imagination. Since we'll be saving a kazillion dollars on rent, I decide it's high time I get to go to the awesome gym. I go there yesterday and am basically wanting to make out with the place, particularly the spa. Particularly the steam room, then roll around with the fluffy towels. My love of steam rooms was cemented on a trip to Chicago in January '04 and walked 37 (no seriously, THIRTY SEVEN) blocks to my friend's gym.  By the time I got there, my face was so frozen I went directly to the steam room and didn't come out for a veddy long time. I didn't even work out. Since then, I have been in love with the steam room. At this place. Or this place. Or this place. It's my happy place where I go to check out and just make peace with my body. 

What I am saying is I love me some steam room. 

So I get all whipped up into a foam yesterday about WHICH! GYM! TO! CHOOSE! The YMCA has childcare too, but no steam room. So I'M TOTALLY JOINING THE AWESOME GYM YES I AM! Certainly I deserve this, don't I? I mean, yes? I could go to spinning! Hip hop classes! I would be in the best shape of my life! It would be SO FANTASTIC!!!!

So I urgently call Pete and tell him we'll be paying $225 a month for the gym with childcare. His silence tells me what I already know. That's insane. He also reminds me that I'll be walking to work so why would I pay $88 a month to go to a gym. Good point, and noted. Related: I've been in a funk lately and am just SO FREAKING OVER the 6x a week regime of ST and HIIT. OVER. IT. I make insane plans every week and fall through with them and then spend the week beating myself up. I've started listening and observing my unwillingness and lack of motivation for aforementioned insane routines and thought, friend, you gotta find a way to exercise that makes more sense. 

I recently joined and posted on Happy Eaters asking for advice on ST routines because of aforementioned boredom and Skwigg herself suggested this. IT'S FREE! I downloaded, printed, and WOW, it really makes sense. And fits into to my soon-to-be lots of walking regime. FOUR DAYS OFF. One day of HIIT (love it!). Two days of ST. Functional exercises that make sense for getting stronger in general. That is all. Pete and I can do the workouts together, which solves that problem. 

And then it dawned on me. The only thing I want more than anything? To hang in the steam room. Not to join the gym. But to check out for a bit. To have some pampering. So I told Pete (not asked) I'll be going here Sunday, and maybe once or twice a month to check out, love my body, and feel completely pampered. Bring it on.