Friend with Benefits

*Yep, my eyes are bloodshot. Me tired.

My friend Jennifer is both a personal stylist and a makeup artist at Bobbi Brown. Let's just pause for a minute to celebrate that awesomeness. She dressed me for all three weddings I went to, and well, I looked freaking dynamite. She begged me to come in Saturday to do my makeup, then told me at our morning workout (HOLLA) that um, my concealer was not matching my skin tone and was really obvious. Jennifer only tells me these things if she really means them, and they never sting because of that.

So I said yes, I'll come in. True to stubborn know-it-all form, I brought some of the makeup that I had to show her can't you see, I don't need your blush. She was one step ahead of me and said ok, we'll do half with yours, half with mine. GAHHHHHHHHHHH. I've been wearing that every day? Good god. 

Needless to say, I ended up purchasing a few things, but I absolutely love my new look. I felt so MADE UP with my old regime; this is much better. I also bought tinted moisturizer, which almost made my mom faint since she's been touting the benefits of an even complexion to me for I dunno, 25 years? It's subtle people. SUBTLE. 

Now at least I look gorgeous, even if inside I'm still a little brokenhearted. 


  1. I love tinted moisturizer. I have been wearing some from Jouer for about a year now. Love it.


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