Day 2

Yes, I know what I wrote there. 

But I got on the scale yesterday and the truth was there: 147.8. Eight pounds heavier than when we went to Vegas in July (my lowest post-pregnancy weight). 

And while I've been trying to be kind to myself, I reluctantly admit that the brownies, cupcakes, cake, cookies, sammiches, chips, etc. have not made a dent in making me feel better. If anything, they've contributed to me feeling worse, given that now I not only can't fit into my pants, I feel physically ill from the sugar and dairy. 


Off sugar, dairy and anything I tend to binge eat (peanut butter, I'm lookin at you). 

Day 1 was OK; I reminded myself 10,000 times that the first few days are the hardest and before I know it, I will be able to pass sugar up with no problem. I even walked with my coworker to get a cupcake from this amazing place. Then heard him shout in ectasy from it. That wasn't that hard, actually. 

What was hard -- the real white knuckling? Came post-work, when I rushed home only to rush in and have to do the dinner bedtime routine. Please tell me all you can -- I am serious here -- about how to do this without wanting to binge eat/drink/scream/cry/run away. Meal planning? Does that work? I'm trying to delegate the carb part of the meal to Pete, but I have to be honest, the man is painfully slow about things. It's a good thing in so many instances. Notsomuch in this one. We're working on creating recipes that require minimal work on my part, i.e. turn on grill, put meat on grill. But then there's the whole bedtime routine and the kid is freaking miserable these days (I checked last night for molars -- no dice) so last night was an hour long battle to get her to sleep. I didn't get to the gym until 8:20, and my workout partner whined the whole time. I literally kicked her ass at one point and told her to stop being a brat. Do the goddamn exercises. I got home at 9:15, showered, watched a little TV, and got in bed by 10:30. Tremendous accomplishment in my book. 

Does it get easier? Tips for simplifying? Enlighten me -- I mean it, I really need all the help I can get. 


  1. uuuugh. I can so commiserate with the miserable toddler...Seth's got molars coming in all over the place. Then again, even when he's not teething he is generally a, not an easy going child. It makes everything more stressful.

    meal-planning saves my life every single day of every single week of every single month of the year. no joke. I can't remember how I used to function. The real trick for me is *actually* planning meals about 4 days a week. One night (usually a weekend...and usually when/if Aaron and I can get out for a date) I let everyone eat whatever they want. The other 2 "unplanned" nights are homemade pizza night and breakfast for dinner. Realize now, it wouldn't be this way if I didn't have four ridiculously picky eaters to cook for. But that's what I save those other four nights for. That's when I'm shoving veggies down their little throats and trying to get them to take bites of new foods. When we just had one and we were primarily cooking for the two of us, I'm sure I looked at things differently.

    ANyway, that probably doesn't really help. I'm just throwing this out there: meal-planning really helps me when I'm busy, which is all the time. ;)

    (I actually hit "post comment!" yay! maybe this one is long enough to make up for my extended absence. :)

  2. I don't have anything deep to say just that I feel like you are in a tough place. I gained weight right before my miscarriage and it was an early one and I couldn't bring myself to do what I needed to do to lose it since I told myself well you'll just be pregnant again soon you hope so what's the point. Not the best attitude but I feel like some of what you are talking about is pushing yourself when you already feel low and vulnerable. So I guess I'd say maybe the cupcake thing didn't seem bad at the time but boy that would stay with me and then when I was tired and spent from a day of work and long commute well I'd be hard pressed to stay on plan meal or whatever. I feel like you can only get by so long white knuckling it. I know you know when the sugar goes down your cravings get better but boy they are a real *&$&* before then. I know that for me I am in a good place right now and we do plan out our meals for a week- my hubby cooks most nights because i work late 3 nights a week, we do several crock pot things or make ahead things a week and if I have let myself get too hungry or I've eaten a lot of processed junk then cravings and eating too much wins. I'd have never made it to the gym that night but again if you think of all that has changed for you, new job, new commute you have to give youself some time to find a routine and know what will work. I also no longer have a 2 year old, the challenges get easier but bed time is not near the full body press it used to be.


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