Happy Blogs

I read roughly three dozen blogs via Google Reader, which amounts to about 20 posts a day. Rather than talk all bitchy about what's wrong with some of the blogs I used to love (trust me, I could go on), I figured I'd just point to my new faves. I'm not sure what it says about me that there's just 2, but at any rate, if you're not reading these, get thee over there immediately: 


  1. I do love me some Pioneer Woman.
    I remember reading her love story with Marlboro Man in one afternoon. Like, locked myself in a room and read. swwoooon. She's the only woman alive who makes cattle ranching and homeschooling out in the middle of nowhere totally glamourous. love her.

    I will go check out Hyperbole and a Half...I'm not sure if I've seen it before.

  2. Megan Evans5:37 PM

    I love Pioneer Woman too. She's also a photographer!!!


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