Da Sweets

So I've been ahem, really lenient in letting myself basically eat whatever I want. I justified it by insisting to myself that Geneen Roth would totally be on board with me having brownies/cookies or cake every night. Ahem. My weight is only up a few lbs (ok, 7 since Vegas, but really just 3 since I got pregnant), so I also justified it: see? I can totally eat sugar in moderation! The scale doesn't move!! It's fine!! 

Then I read this and really identified with it. 

And then I read this and signed up to get the post-conference recording. Because friends, that is the challenge. I know intuitively that sugar is a definite addiction for me. But drawing the lines and rules without feeling deprived or feeling like I'm crazy for being so strict is a struggle.

But I feel yucky. I ate my weight in garbage this weekend and feel, well, garbalicious. Yuck.  I feel like an addict who cannot wait until the next fix and also wants to bake a tray of brownies and hide it. Oof. I was going to start my no sugar regime again this weekend, but honestly I'm feeling so crappy I think I'm starting today. Enough is enough. 


  1. It is an interesting question about what intuitive eaters would say about emotional eating-- I know that intuitive eating isn't something that they think you can switch back and forth between and that contrary to what the initial gut reaction to this movement is it is a lot of work and people who are sucessful with it do a lot of work with a nurtitionist or psychologist working hard on hunger cues and how you deal with emotions rather then eating. I am not an intuitive eater yet but I get closer. I also ate for comfort after my miscarriage and gained weight I kept with me through my second pregancy. But I survived it and at the time if that meant brownies well so be it.

  2. Thanks Jen!! I agree. It's super interesting -- balancing the two. I was super easy on myself last week, and now I'm ready to get back to eating healthy.

  3. PLEASE feel free to delete this after you read... but we talked about lots of the above in our latest podcast too!



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