Wheee! Emotional Rollercoaster!!

Mrs B got a stay of execution. I make light of the situ because I've literally cried every tear out of me today. The vet said:

  1. She's hungry and not having diarrhea anymore = good
  2. Keep feeding her as much as she will eat as long as she doesn't have any reactions
  3. She could have a slow growing tumor in her stomach and the only way to know for sure is exploratory surgery (we agreed that wasn't a good option)
  4. Give it just a bit more time - she was very sick and maybe she just needs a few more weeks to get turned around. The lack of vomiting and diarrhea = good.
  5. The blood today could be something she got into. She did eat something strange yesterday - we couldn't wrestle it out of her mouth fast enough. Given there's not consistent blood (it was only this morning) it is probably not an ulcer. She could have eaten one of Lucia's crayons or something. Who knows. 
We thought today was her last day for sure. I left work early and bought her a double cheeseburger on the way home. She scarfed that down. We took her to the beach and she kinda scampered around but mostly wanted to be held. My brother came over to bid farewell. 

But I trust our doctor. If she thinks we might be able to get some weight back on her and turned around, even if its just for a few more days, weeks or months, then I'm willing to try too. 

Thank you so much for your warm wishes and thoughts. I've really thought about them today. 


  1. Megan Evans4:21 AM

    Whew!!!!!!!!!!! Jon and I were very sad last night, remembering the time we took care of her when you lived on North Bestgate. Cuddling on the couch during a thunder storm. :-) Glad she's gonna be around a little longer.

  2. Oh Heather, just keep on loving and hugging that cute, little Mrs B for as long as you can. I totally get the humor part...when our 16 year old cat died last year on the same day as Michael Jackson's death...well, you can imagine the stupid, silly comments we were making in between crying.

    You brought her a double cheeseburger...that really made me smile.

    Take care, honey.

  3. Whoo hoo!!! Yippee!

    Glad you have some more time!


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