Suckiness Framed

I found an awesome apartment on Craigslist that doesn't take dogs and would require us moving in 2 weeks. Given Mrs. B's prognosis (is that awful to say?), I'd normally be all over it and overcommit to superhuman feats of packing, and well moving. But the fact is we have the next 5 weekends booked. FIVE. This weekend = Sacramento for haircut (wave your pom poms for me!!!!), Next weekend, bachelorette party. Next weekend, housewarming party. Next weekend, 2 day trip and wedding in Gettysburg. Next weekend, 4-day trip and wedding in Florida. When we looked at the places this past weekend, we talked about how the hell we would manage a move, and I realized, wow, we couldn't. I mean, we could, but at what expense?

So it becomes a choice. Like most things in life; I've recently decided to employ the what sucks more decision making model to this. What sucks more? Having to rush and move and not enjoy the last few weeks. months with my beloved dog and move into a neighborhood we're not sure about, or get up a bit earlier each day and just make the commute work? See where I'm going with this?

The fact is I don't really want to move yet. I'm not ready. I love our place. The commute is awful but totally doable if I adjust my schedule. So I think I'm going to stop looking at just focus on the here and now, and enjoying our current place, its amenities and all that. Dog included. We'll find the right place when we're ready. It seems like we've had so much drama mama lately, I'd just like a few months of normal.