Oh hi there

Sorry for the delay. I haven't felt like writing much of anything. Here are the updates.

  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. A friend told me about this, and I just finished reading it and we are SO FREAKING EXCITED about our future now. Also, we need to get some smaller envelopes for cash; those letter sized are whack.
  • Sniffed around Berkeley tonight and really, really like it, more so than any other neighborhood we've seen. We'll probably move there; but not until Nov. 1. 
  • The deodorant crystal? LOVE. I'm constantly *that* person that has antiperspirant stripes down the sides of my shirt. This solves that. WOOT. Plus I'm not sticky like I thought I would be.
  • NROL4W is going really, really well. My friend who is a personal stylist has hired me to boss her around in the gym. She dresses me, I train her. The other night she said she felt all this acid in her mouth. I was all Jillian Michaels proud. It's nice to be able to push myself and her. I love this program so much. Apparently they're working on a new book, so awesome. Until then, I'm just going to keep doing the program over and over and over. Forever.
  • Work is about the same. I got a nibble on a project this week, but was pulled off it because the client was seriously freaking nuts and said me and this other woman looked too young (it was for a public hearing). Um thanks? Seriously, that's what she said. That was her reasoning I was off the project. The program manager went to bat for me and assured her I had more than a decade of experience. To which I informed him actually it's 15. And a master's degree from one of the top 10 public policy programs in the nation. (Ok I didn't say that part, but I wanted to, because dude it's true! I'm a total badass!) So uh, ok? My boss is now actively helping me find work, so that's great.