People, the Venuto program is excruciatingly boring. At first I liked the simplicity of it, but then I got very bored and ahem, have been slacking. Since we know I love love love working out, something here is amiss.

So I'm starting the New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROL4W) tomorrow. I love this program! I think I stopped at the end of Phase 2 last time because uh, I lost my job. And wasn't exactly in a place to be So! Excited! About! A! Program!

I also haven't seen the same strength improvements with Venuto's program as I have with NROL4W. My butt is saggier and my arms are flappier. So here I go. I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks where I'll see lots of family and happen to be wearing a sleeveless dress, so I want to look and most importantly FEEL great.

I had a great workout yesterday and a so-so one today. That's ok; not every workout has to be SO AMAZING. Some days you just gotta get it done.


  1. I loved NROLFW- I got to maybe it was 5, I know it was right before the optional phase then was training for a half marathon so I got off of it, restarted and it was never the same. But I did love the program- good luck with it


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