Diagnosis: Tooty McGee

Know how I've recently discovered I can't really eat dairy without blowing up like a balloon? I email my doc asking if this is a temporary thing or if it will go away. I once read somewhere how if you have the a stomach bug you can wipe out the ability to eat dairy and that you slowly have to build it back up. I had been meaning for her to check some moles that looked suspicious as well, so she said to make an appointment. Yesterday I totally forgot given the freaking drama that is our life, but left work early to make the appointment. Which required Pete and Lucia picking me up at the BART station, dropping me off, finding parking a million miles away, and coming in. I get in there, and she's like, hi, why are you here today? I'm like, because you told me to make an appointment for the lactose issue. She asked about my symptoms, which I'll spare you but suffice it to say they are not severe. She looks kinda incredulous, like what are you doing here??? And I'm like BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO! Then she pokes around my stomach and says it's basically just gas. Gas. I left work early for you to tell me I have the farts. I haven't liked this doctor for a while, and I've found with Kaiser especially it's so so hit or miss, so I switched doctors today. Actually I switched to a Nurse Practitioner. I picked her because she's a new parent, she looks nice and her name is just like the name of a park where my friend Lauren and I kinda got to know each other.