Wedding Bonanza

We've got THREE weddings to attend in the next 6 weeks. Holy mother of god. 

Wedding 1 promises to be absolutely ridiculous and overblown. But unfortunately no kids are allowed. Which I'm not sure how we're going to handle, given that we don't currently have a plan for a babysitter. It's about an hour away, so we're not sure if we should have a friend stay overnight at our place, so we don't have to eat and then leave. Then again, that might be nice. Eat, have a glass of wine. Treat it like a night out for dinner. With fun stories to tell. 

Wedding 2 is the lovely Becky's. Becky and I met in the running group back in 2006, and she basically put up with me whining every Saturday morning. We ran Bay to Breakers together in 2006. She confessed she had a major crush on her roommate. And now she's marrying him! Fun! We are flying Virgin America (HELLS YES) to Dulles, then driving to see my friend Karina, her husband and new baby girl Emily. Then we're driving to the wedding area -- near Gettysburg, the next day. Then we fly out the next day after that. I've done Priceline for the car and am working on the hotel arrangements. 

The best part of that wedding is Lucia is going to be the flower girl (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I am so embarrassingly beyond excited about this. Her dress has been purchased. I'll probably buy her a RIDICULOUS bow to put in her hair. Oh crap I just realized I need to buy her shoes. Hmm. Do they have those at Target?  

Wedding 3 is crazy cousin Brian in Florida. My cousins down there -- especially Brian -- are super fun. Like off the hook fun. Brian's motto in life is act first, question later. There are countless tales of his shenanigans, and everyone kinda shakes their head and says, yep, that's Brian. Anyway, he's getting married. Brian is the brother of my amazing cousin Robert and wife Ginger. I love them SO much. They just had a baby boy, named after my late uncle John -- who Brian and Robert take after quite a bit -- he was SUPER fun and I miss him a lot. I cannot wait to see them; it was on my list of things to do this year -- go see Robert and Ginger. And now I have an excuse! We booked our flights last night and are working on booking the car. Hooray! 

I have no idea what I'm wearing to Weddings 1 and 3. Wedding 2 I figured I'll wear the J.Crew green dress. If it fits -- twas a little tight in the boobies the last time I tried in on (January?). I'll bet it fits now; it's an 8 and most of my new work clothes are that size. I figured I'd go more conservative since I'll have the kiddo with me. Wedding 1, if we get a sitter, I'll probably wear the red and white dress I wore in Vegas; it's cute and sexy. I think we'll see a bit of everything fashion-wise at Wedding 1, so um yeah it should be interesting. Wedding 3 = not sure yet. It's at my aunt's house so I don't think it's super formal. I could do purple silk wrap dress, but I wear that SO often I'm afraid I'm getting sick of it. The green dress is super flexible -- dress up, dress down, so maybe. 


  1. SOunds like a lot of fun coming your way. I actually like weddings as long as they:
    1. Have an open bar
    2. I have a date who likes to dance
    3. I don't have to be IN the wedding

  2. Sounds super fun!

    That dress is soooooo beautiful. Lucia is going to look like a little angel. YES! on the big ol' bow. (of course, I'm Texan, so.....)


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