• Dude. I caught Lucia's cold and am dragging. Even more so than usual. Nose running, head heavy. Gah.
  • We are going to see a cottage to rent on Aug. 8. I am so excited about it but given our Craigslist luck lately, am trying not to get my hopes up. 
  • Went to Sacramento yesterday for work. SO happy I didn't get the job there and instead got the one here in Oakland. Really, really happy. 
  • Am learning to say no to social invitations; a lot of time we're completely booked with "obligations" of parties, etc. for people we know and like but don't love. No more. We said no to a baby shower this weekend of a friend of a friend, and I'm not sending a gift. I don't really know them that well and don't really like them. Now we have Sunday to do whatever we want. Part of that is learning to be OK with not doing everything perfectly, despite the pressure I put on myself, and letting go of unreasonable expectations.