Update on Mrs. B

Mrs. B likely has irritable bowel syndrome. We took her to the vet tonight and after she expressed her anal glands on my shirt, (um, gross!) we got down to business. First, her weight. A depressing 13.3 lbs. Wow. She used to weigh 27 and the docs wanted her to lose weight to get to 22 lbs. She's literally skin and bones now. :( So the doc feels her belly and said it felt firm and hard and not soft like it was supposed to. She said it could be a mass, but if it was cancer she probably would have died by now. She said it was likely irritable bowel syndrome, which is treated with prednisone. You know, wonder drug that I kept having to go on when I kept getting sick. Right. Works for calming inflammation of all types. Hooray! The bad news is Mrs. B has a heart murmur, and prednisone can aggravate that, so we have to have two ultrasounds to check it out and rule out a mass in her stomach. As soon as we have the green light, we can start the prednisone and she'll be able to eat and digest food successfully again. Hooray!! Let's not talk about the options if the ultrasounds don't look good, ok? We're just going to hope for the best here. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Mrs. B and I really appreciate them.


  1. Oh, poor Mrs B! And um, I hope you didn't have a favorite shirt on that day;) I am still praying that Mrs B is doing better soon. I can't believe the poor little girl lost that much weight.


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