I'm not sure what to title this post.

I had coffee with my former boss yesterday. I ran late, so we literally had 15 minutes to catch up. This is the first time I've seen him since March maybe. So I get there, he asked me how I'm liking my new gig. I go on and on and on about how great it is. He doesn't seem to be listening. He says, I recently met with [my former company's CEO] and he asked about you. Me: who? Him: You know our CEO? He asked how you were doing and I told him about your new job and he thought it would beneficial for you to get different types of experience. I said well, yes, I'm doing something totally different and I really love it. I'm not doing media relations or marketing or anything like that. He asks if I'd like to come out to dinner on my former company's dime that night and catch up with everyone. I told him no thanks. Then he went on to tell me the dude who eliminated my job always asks about me, and he would make sure I told him that I said hi. Did you follow that? "I'll make sure I tell X hello from you." You know, cause we're chums like that. I said, yes, please tell him I couldn't be happier and am thrilled with my new job. 

I'm not sure how to say it anymore than I did: I AM VERY HAPPY. I harbor little resentment, even though God knows I have every right to be bitter about basically being pushed out of my job because I was a childbearing woman. I consider my former job to have been a means to an end. It got me to San Francisco, which is where I want to be. I met Amy. I do not care what our former CEO thinks about me because hey guess what, my new bosses and basically everyone here thinks I kick ass AS-IS. It was so odd to me that my former boss, who I considered a FRIEND was touting the party line and furthering this fabricated story line about how unfortunate that whole thing was and how Heather just needs a bit more polish to become really successful in the corporate world and sadface sadface sadface, isn't all so unfortunate?

This, by the way, is the first time I've responded to his emails and calls -- he emailed a few times asking for my work number so we could "catch up." I declined -- it felt like it was borderline creepster. Plus I sit in a cube at work and can't exactly chitchat even if I wanted to. I have to walk out into the hallway and oftentimes sit in a stairwell if I want to take a call from say, people that I actually want to talk to. So my instincts were dead on -- something is amiss with this dude and keep my distance. But then I listened to other people who said, you know you shouldn't burn bridges and not to mention that super annoying Facebook comment from the German woman (former co-worker) who routinely called me KIDDO at the office telling me I should really keep in touch with him because he was a great boss. So I caved and had a meeting a block away from where I knew he was going to be. Needless to say, I'll be unavailable the next time he wants to "catch up." And this KIDDO won't be able to attend the annoying lady's birthday party in the middle of nowhere at a likely not-baby-friendly venue. She hosted my going away party, which I really appreciate. But that doesn't mean I'm obligated to attend every thing she invites me to, or keep in touch or go and have a miserable time and have to say over and over again I'M HAPPY, I'M REALLY REALLY HAPPY. NO REALLY I AM. Who needs that, especially on the weekend when I'm supposed to be doing FUN things? I'll send a gift to her and be done with it. 



  1. I don't even know what to say. That's weird.


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