I'm really torn over the direction to take this blog. I know there's a handful of you out there who read regularly, but some stuff I'm just not comfortable sharing with a whole anonymous group. Then when I start thinking about it, I question the real usefulness of blogging in terms of what it does for me -- i.e. support. 

Just chewing on some things today. As you can see, the anxiety is still in full effect. Let's overthink EVERYTHING!!!!! 


  1. Just wanted to say that I read via google reader and rarely ever comment. It's nice to hear about job/life balances that others are experiencing, even if you we don't know each other personally. Anywho, not sure if that helps your dilemma.

  2. Don't quit, yo. Your craziness makes me feel more normal in light of my craziness.

  3. Hi! I totally hear you. I love checking in on you via the blog, but as you know, I took ours down this year. Just felt like one. more. thing. to. do. Also started to feel really exposed. Hope the job continues to go well, but I know how consuming a new one can be. Hang in there!


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