Today's Declaration

In case you haven't noticed, I am a huge fan of making very dramatic declarations.

And I haven't been posting here that much because I kept feeling the need to come up with some hyooge declaration that would certainly make you salivate, wring your hands and shake your head and wonder HAS SHE LOST IT? And then you either applaud my seemingly endless energy or send me concerned emails. If I can be perfectly honest here, it has served me well because on some level I feel attended to. Because I am very much like a Cocker Spaniel that way. 

But I've been doing some hard work on myself. It seems like anytime there's a massive life change there's room for some self-awareness and identity examination. Kinda like when you move and you open up old boxes that you hadn't unpacked from your last move and you're all THERE'S THE FREAKING LABEL MAKER. (note: this is just an example, we have not found our label maker but I bought Pete a new one for his birthday, cause I'm a charmer like that). 

And the urge to make huge declarations and well, pretend like I've got it all together and constantly be setting new goals for myself feels absolutely exhausting in and of itself. Newsflash: I don't have it all together. I don't know why I feel the need to pretend that I do because you certainly know this already about me and for some unknown reason you still love me. Lately I've been really examining that -- the need for the why. It comes up when I set these crazy goals for myself and then the self-flagellation begins when I don't achieve them. This treadmill of activity -- this incessant need to make plans to better myself. God I'm tired even typing that. 

So, small declaration with tiny trumpet blaring: I'm going to stop making them. Normally this means get out the sweat pants, the Lay's and the chocolate covered pretzels. This time, however, it means I'm going to start doing only what feels good. Like yoga. And taking a walk. And not worrying about my freaking heart rate or how many calories I burned, but walking or breathing in/out until my head is clear, my heart is lighter and my face isn't doing that skwenched up thing. 

Just by writing this, the nut-job in me is like BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR BODY FAT? BUT WHAT ABOUT LOSING MUSCLE?

People, life is more than looking like a fitness model. I think I look pretty awesome, as this photo of me in Vegas proves.

(note: Pete picked out the dress, it is NOT something I would ordinarily wear. Also, I was completely obsessed with the fact my bra straps were showing. Then I realized in Vegas everybody's everything is showing, so I decided it didn't really matter). 

So there it is. My crazy declaration = not really into the crazy declarations anymore.


  1. Yay for you!!!

    I think I perhaps need to make a few declarations/goals for myself since I don't ever. Or at least one.

    You look freaking hot (uh, yeah, that was weird...but you do look GREAT!)

  2. Thanks Julie!! I'm happy to be declaration free. :)

  3. wooooohoooo!!!! good for you!!!

  4. Freaking A. You look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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