Still tired

So that's not much of an update.

How's this?

  • My in-laws arrive in 2 short hours! So excited to see them! 
  • Related: Pete and I are going on our long overdue mini honeymoon on Friday to Las Vegas. We're staying at a 5-star hotel and are going to Mario Batali's (one of them anyway) restaurant Friday night. I have two sexy dresses to wear; one of them Pete picked out for me. We are spending a good portion of Saturday getting hammered at the pool. And possibly Sunday. Then making out like teenagers. It's gonna be so awesome.
  • That verdict that Oakland is on edge about? Right, the staging area for the "demonstrations" is in front of my building at work. Upside: as soon as the verdict comes in, we get to go home. Awesome! 
  • Still love work; still amazed they pay me to do this, still getting my teeth into new projects. Still exhausted. Oh wait, I already said that. 
  • Trying to downgrade my insane workout goals to more manageable ones and not being so hard on myself if those don't go as planned or it's not the most life-changing workout everytime. 
  • Thank GOD my hairdresser taught me how to cut my bangs. Before shots are on FB of me at the party boobing out in my crazy shirt that has a mind of its own. With overgrown bangs. Um, no. 
  • After: I blinked and my eyes stuck.
See that pose above? I'm now going to go do a lot of that in a reclining position under the covers.


  1. That is so AWESOMELY awesome that you and Pete are going on a mini-moon! Have a blast. Don't drink so much by the pool that you feel like crap when you are strutting around in your sexy dress.

    So glad you are loving your new job.

  2. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your mini honeymoon in Vegas!! I love me some favorite little getaway!

    Have fun rockin' your sexy dress!!!


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