Mystery Solved

I put on my new bathing suit in Vegas this weekend and was pissed the fabric under the skirt had a snag, much like a pair of pantyhose. Dammit to hell. I had only worn it one other time. I was pissed and chanting in my head YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR SUCKA but then I saw Pete Sunday night with the laundry basket full of wet clothes to hang up, and out comes my bathing suit. Me: UM DID YOU WASH MY BATHING SUIT? Him: Yeah? Why? Me: YOU CAN'T WASH BATHING SUITS DUDE!!! Him: Really?

Yes really love. Appreciate the thought, but that seems to be the source of the rip. Oh well.


  1. Really? I've always washed them. That do you do, hand wash?


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